Ruby and the Rockits Pilot

Alexa Vega (with blond hair?!?), playing Ruby, is in an empty casino asking if anyone’s around. No one answers so she starts singing and hears someone yell “would you stop doing that!” Two people walking talking, David of the Rockits being one of them. Ruby reveals that she is his daughter.

Duece Bigalow.

Replace the building with a guitar.

Patrick watches a Rockits music video with his sons, there’s a slightly crude guitar picture reminiscent of Deuce Bigalow. The kids watch in boredom as their dad relives his glory days on a fansite. Their mother was a dancer for the group. Yikes. Rockstars are selfish vain creatures, specifically his brother David.

At the same time David tells Ruby he’s a primadonna. Ruby says family is everything and they should reconcile. Apparently Ruby bought a one way ticket.

Jordan makes his younger brother Ben watch his own video now. It’s pretty bad but Jordan is entranced. David arrives at the house. The dad comes home with good news that the dealership is going well. The scene is sort of slow and cliche, brothers saying the other was always the problem. Before David can say anything about his new found daughter, Ruby bursts in, freaking otu and nervous. David wants to know if she can move in with them. Ruby looked her dad up on facebook (what artist would put their address on facebook?) Ruby’s mother died and her grandparents are senile so she has nowhere else to go.

Ben ruined his Jordan’s online music video and they fight. How could thye not fight after all the fighting they see between their father and uncle? Ruby says they don’t understand what they have or maybe they’d stop fighting for no reason, which prompts Patrick to go patch things up.

Jordan is brooding while the family waits for David’s show to start. Ruby tries to make him feel better by saying he should make it less of a downer. She’s been working with it a little and starts playing her rearranged version on the piano. “Wow, you’re good” Jordan says. I’m going to say she’s mediocre, not even as good as Vanessa Hudgens who I don’t think has much talent.

While on stage, David points to Patrick, asking for a Rockits reunion. The crowd cheers and with some encouragement from his wife, Patrick agrees and together they perform some cheesy dance moves. At the same time, Ruby and Jordan are still working on the song and everyone walks in. They applaud.

Ruby’s made everyone happier and reunited the brothers, so she’s welcome to stay. David brought Ruby a lunch for her first day of school. David got a deal from the Casino to perform with Patrick. Ruby tells him parent teacher night is Wed and he agrees to rearrange things.

The pilot episode did not show a very promising series, which is disappointing since I’ve really liked the other two original series of the summer. Everything was sort of cliche, not quite as funny as it needed to be, and kind of slow, which should not be the case on a musical show. But the commercials seem to indicate a different paced show so I will try at least another week’s to see if maybe it was just a bad pilot. (Since they had to establish and set up everything in this episode I wouldn’t be surprised.)

To see episode 2, click here.


One Response to “Ruby and the Rockits Pilot”

  1. Monte Butkus Says:

    I Love this show. So many great things in it. If you havent tried it it , i say atleast check out the pilot. I cant wait for next episode 😀

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