Make It Or Break It: What Might Happen (Season 1)

Now that the season is done, I’ve revamped this based on everything we’ve seen. These are thoughts for what we might see coming up in part 2 of the first season:

1.) Emily’s Pentagon of love.

So Razor is back (and something of a jerk), as the actor is fresh off of his failed CW show the Beautiful Life. I dislike the fact that he’s so different now and hope that either Emily calls him on it or he’s just removed from the show. If he charms her into cheating on Damon I will be annoyed. Not because I particularly like Damon (who was also something of a jerk and a whiner recently) but because I really dislike Razor now. (What kind of name is Razor anyway? How has no one mentioned that on the show?) So far there’s been no sign of Leo but I can’t imagine them mentioning him in the finale and then totally forgetting about him now. And of course, I said pentagon because it is between Damon, Razor, Leo, Emily, and every boy in the world. The only question is, who will Emily be with in the end? (I see her cheating on Damon but who knows?)

2.) Who will Sasha date? There are so many possibilities:

A) Payson ( I am still unsure about whether ABC Family is ready to handle an issue like that. and besides, after the warning he gave Carter, I can’t see him having a relationship with a gymnast.)

B) Kim (she is happily married but with the dad away from home  opportunity is there. I could see Sasha fall for her and she doesn’t reciprocate the feelings (a potentially strong plot line could be him kissing Kim, Payson seeing but leaving before she can see her mom pull back and be like “what are you doing! I’m a happily married woman!”) Will she continue managing the rock with Payson sidelined (as of now out for good)?

C) Chloe (this is my least favorite option because Emily’s mom just doesn’t seem to have the type of personality that Sasha would go for. She’s too frivolous and while she would totally go for it, I just don’t see him there. Plus, there are only so many issues you can pack into one character and I feel like Emily already has her fair share. Spread the wealth! After All’s Fair…, this option seems to be more of a possibility as Sasha brought Chloe home and they bonded. But at the moment it seems to be Chloe and Steve, which I actually love as far as things go.)

D) Ronny (just to throw her in there since we know she’s done it before so there’s no reason why she wouldn’t do it again.) Also, we know that Marty previously stole Sasha’s girl, so it would be quite the twist/rivalry if Sasha then got Marty’s.

E) Emily (she had to be added to this list after Run Emily Run. Their gym time together was just so…it just felt wrong. Though again, can ABC tackle this issue? And can Emily get passed him calling her a dog?)

With all the possibilities, I never thought about Summer. She seems the most likely candidate for now (especially considering the kiss) but I wouldn’t count her and Steve over for good, no matter what is going on between Steve and Chloe.

3.) Will Payson’s injury keep her out of competition?

Payson’s injury has become very serious and supposedly career ending (unless she wants to risk not walking, which frankly, I wouldn’t put past her). I can see her either risking it all to attempt a comeback or finding a solution for the injury (personally I’d like a better explanation of the injury because I’m not sure what exactly needs to be operated on to repair what). Despite all the definite no’s she’s gotten, I’m not counting her out just yet and with this surgery I think she’ll be back and have to fight to get herself into peak shape again.

4.) Is Kaylie done with Carter?

Seems like it for now, at least in her mind, but he doesn’t seem to want to give up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps trying until finally she gives in. Or he becomes a couple with Lauren and Kayley totally freaks. Maybe Kayley can become the saboteur for once (and do a better job than what she did to Marty).

5.) What is Damon’s secret?

I’ve heard a number of different thoughts on this regard.

One was that Sasha and Damon are related (they point out that Damon is the common denominator when it comes to the things Sasha knows when he shouldn’t– ie the kegger and the break in.) as for me, I’m skeptical. First, I don’t think Damon’s a snitch so even if he was related to Sasha I doubt he’d tell on the others (certainly not on someone he wants to date). Second, Sasha is from another country so how he would be Damon’s father seems somewhat unlikely. But then, we know nothing about Damon beyond that his dad supposedly taught him to pick locks.

Another person pointed out that he knew what a standing back tuck is, so one would guess that he has some sort of connection to gymnastics, whether that’s a sibling in the sport, himself in the sport (cannot picture him in a leo but that would be so funny), or just the fact that Boulder has such a huge gymnastics scene. I don’t think he was personally involved only because he didn’t know about the springs in the floor apparatus which is pretty standard (as someone who stopped doing gymnastics when I was like five, even I knew about that).

Personally, I think it’s going to turn out that he’s secretly rich and the rebel boy is just an act to drive his parents crazy or something.

6.) Will Kim find out about the cortisone?

In truth it doesn’t really matter at this point. If Payson confesses, we’re at the point where she’s so injured she’ll probably be forgiven for every bad thing she’s ever done in her entire life. Though imagine Kim exposing Nick and his dad. I could totally see her on that crusade. (For people who say she should have taken the cortisone if she knew her injury was so bad, cortisone isn’t a cure and considering how quickly it was wearing off after each shot, her injury was clearly VERY serious and should have been looked into immediately after the Denver meet if not earlier.) The one thing that could be bad is his father and/or him going to jail. (At the moment Lauren has the cortisone and I’m not so sure that storyline is as over as it seems.

7.) What else could happen to the girls that we haven’t already seen?

There’s money issues–not just for Emily and Payson. Most gymnasts’ families are in debt. For Lauren or Kaylie they could pull a Nate Archibald and have money laundering, gambling, or bankruptcy of some sort. Doubtful, but possible.

Another thing to consider, and this goes for all the girls, is the possibility of violence or crime or trauma of some sort. The girls aren’t exempt from their home being robbed, a car accident (one of the current stunt doubles had her gymnastics career ended due to a car crash), a mugging, etc. Tumbling passes won’t be able to scare off hardened criminals. I don’t think the show would go that route just yet, but who knows what will happen when things need to be spiced up? Other shows have been known to do worse. I only suggest it because it would be a good reminder that they are regular people too.

8.) Becca Keeler and Brian Kmetko- will they become a bigger part of the show?

I hope they address the dynamic of the whole family relocating for Payson and Becca being dragged along. She does gymnastics for fun, so she can obviously do it anywhere, and she accuses Payson of causing all of the family’s monetary and family problems in one episode. This could be a good issue, since it is a real issue in gymnasts’ lives. Sadly, she has been absent for most episodes so it doesn’t look like she will be getting much of a role just yet. Possibly in future seasons when they start expanding the cast (as television shows tend to do in order to create more story lines). But considering that she wasn’t even there while Payson was lying in the hospital, I doubt we’ll see much more of her.

Then there’s Brian who we all wonder about. How did he end up in a wheelchair anyway? He’s the most absent character which is a little sad because his life was just up and moved because of Emily. How much harder/easier is it to be the kid in the wheelchair in a new town? Does he have a hard time getting around? (I could see a Payson-Brian moment where he makes her feel better or comes to her aid.)

9.) Will we meet Lauren’s mother?

I bet we will. Especially since we found out that Lauren’s mom had intended to come. But I also expect her to not remain sober for good.

10.) Where can the show go because the Olympics is a limited future goal?

There’s also college gymnastics, coaching jobs, we could have the girls become the coaches for the next generation of girls, etc. They could decide to stay elite after the Olympics and remain fighting for future spots (like Nastia Liukin, Chelsea Memmel, Sam Peszek, and Bridget Sloan are all doing this year) while trying to take on college or something.

11.) Will Ronny and Marty’s affair become public?

I imagine it will because otherwise Kaylie’s life has become too perfect. (Although at this point it seems so far removed, especially since Kaylie’s basically forgiven her mom.) But does her dad still push endorsements and whatnot rather than just be her dad? And will she become so involved in this supposed celebrity lifestyle (the one that real gymnasts don’t get unless they are Shawn Johnson or Nastia Liukin. Although, maybe those girls have paved the way for a larger spotlight on the sport and its athletes?) that her gymnastics suffers?

Thoughts, theories, or something I missed? Let me know!

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9 Responses to “Make It Or Break It: What Might Happen (Season 1)”

  1. Cassie Says:

    i think sasha and emily will date. the way they stared into each others eyes @ the last episoide while emily was in his arms,it was clear that there is kemisty between them. but as you said,i don’t think abc family is ready to take such an adult thing on. i hope they will though : )

    • ax20 Says:

      I agree with you completely about that scene. (Just went and added that option to the mix.)

    • layla Says:

      NEVER!!!!!! for one, emily is too young for sasha, and they showed no interest in each other. anyway, he’s just her coach!

      • sarah Says:

        exactly, i thought sasha was like 30 and emily was like 17
        (im probably not even close, but still, really?)

  2. Gilly Says:

    I think Damon’s secret is that he used to be a gymnast or had some involvement with gymnastics (through a family member, maybe? a sister who died or something?) in the past. When he found out she was a gymnast, he asked her to do a move (a front tuck? I can’t remember what it was, specifically) that 99% of guys who are not involved in the sport would not have been able to identify. I think that was a clue…

  3. Sarah Says:

    Regarding point #8 about Becca…I cannot remember for the life of me where I read it, BUT I saw some comment from someone about a spoiler that Payson will be temporally in a wheelchair AND that Becca dies in a car accident…when I saw it I thought that was total BS, and it might be a little far fetched for ABC family… but considering she wasn’t in the last episode at all, and that Ayla Kell said Payson will have to deal with some real life stuff….hmmmm….who knows thou!

    • ax20 Says:

      Payson being in a wheelchair would make sense since that’s probably where she will start off, but i can’t imagine the show having two wheelchair bound cast members (btw, it would be nice to know why brian is in a wheelchair… and see more of brian in general) unless they want payson bonding with brian for some reason…

      i can’t imagine becca being killed off in a car accident just yet because that doesn’t seem like the type of stunt you pull so early into a show’s run (and i got the sense that real life meant more like boys and school and her future), but you never know. if you can find that article i’d love to see it.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Yeah, she won’t be paralyzed, but starting off that way makes sense for sure. Brian-right? Why is he in a wheelchair? I am sure it has something to do with them bonding…like when she tries to come back too soon or something Brian tells her how much being in a chair sucks or whatever…lol…we’ll see.

    It wasn’t an article that I read with that spoiler in it, it was a comment someone else made and (I can’t remember if it was on another blog, TV site, etc-I will try thou)…-so there really is ZERO credibility in it…I also think that by real life they mean school, and her struggles that come with being a normal teenager-she does seems like she would be really shy and awkward out of her element. I think it will be interesting to see her in public school and Kaylie being all jealous she can go to football games and dumb high school parties. I agree thou, killing Becca off is a little drastic so soon….I will be AMAZED if that comment turns out to be true.

  5. Glenn Vangyi Says:

    Glad to see that this site works well on my Droid , everything I want to do is functional. Thanks for keeping it up to date with the latest.

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