One of Nancys bumps in the road

One of Nancy's bumps in the road

When Weeds came out it was innovative and exciting. Who thinks up a story revolving around a cookie cutter neighborhood where the mother of two sells drugs in order to maintain her lifestyle? Little boxes indeed.

The problem with the show is that you know that something like this will have to blow up in her face at some point, which of course it did, and now the show is stuck. It has hit that moment where it has to keep one upping itself to maintain its original surprise and excitement factor. Each storyline seems to get even crazier than the last and yet somehow this season has hit a lull. It feels as though very little actually happens in each episode, a lot of fluff and only a couple of moments of real content. (Plus, it’s not playing the “Little Boxes” theme song which, while no longer relevant, was a nice staple of the show. Ok, I take that back because this week they actually played a quick clip of it, but generally speaking it is no longer the theme song.)

Not your average housewife.

Not your average housewife.

Some of the heart of the show is gone as the family dynamic gets left behind. We go entire episodes with all the Botwins seeing or speaking too one another. Nancy went into the marijuana business for her kids yet she rarely gives them a moment of her time. Shane is no longer the naive, morally centered boy but instead has become pessimistic and rebellious. He has also grown out of his cute look into a creepy one. Silas is legally selling drugs, though he actually seems less screwed up than everyone else. And responsible. His problems tend to be not of his own making. Why he thought it was a good idea to work with Doug is beyond me. Andy is in love with Nancy who is seeing a dangerous mayor from Mexico. Andy sporting a beard not so hot. And Nancy is…pregnant. Or, was pregnant, since she gave birth this week. Pregnancy seems to be all the rage these days.

Celia has not changed, remaining as irritating as ever. Now she’s into Cosmetic selling. Imagine Celia as a door to door salesman 9Willy Loman as she labels herself, but will she meet the same end?), who would ever buy anything for her. No one would even pay her ransom.

Alanis Morisette is guest starring on the show, which is kind of exciting. What was the last thing she did? That song Thank You? Haven’t figured out who she actually plays though. Oh, the gynecologist. Nevermind. Other notable guests stars include Mary-Kate Olsen (what ever happened to Ashley?) and Zooey Deschannel.

It’s hard to imagine how they intend to make the plot surrounding the baby funny, but maybe this will give them a chance to get back to the family roots.

Catch up now: Weeds – Seasons 1-3 (Amazon.com Exclusive) and Weeds – Season 4


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