The Secret Life of the American Teenager Born Free

Recap: Amy wants to go with Ben to Italy, Ben doesn’t want her to go, she tried to make everyone take care of the baby. Ricky says to let Ben go alone. The dad, George, didn’t get a vasectomy, the mother, Anne, is pregnant, the mother’s boyfriend of like a day, David, asked her to marry him but she hasn’t said yes. Grace and Jack get together so long as Jack lays off the sex, drugs, and alcohol. Ricky asks Adrian for an exclusive commitment.

This episode starts with Amy learning Italian when Ashley enters and tries to talk some sense into Amy. Amy being out of her mind (is it the hormones or is she just stupid?) decides she’ll be going with the baby.

Ashley talks to her dad, who is freaking out about the fact that David proposed to the mom. Ashley, being the only smart and observant one in the family, knows that the dad lied about the surgery. George clearly still has feelings for Anne. Ashley suggests going to Italy (apparently it’s a family trip  now) but her dad vetoes the idea.

Betty offers to make Ben breakfast but he’s headed to school. She wants to be his friend but he says he needs time to develop their relationship. Betty tells him that even though he’s not going for sex, he should get new condoms because his are old or were recealled for safety reasons. Ew, why does she know that?

Adrian’s mother is home now and she’s tired and not feeling well…is everyone going to have a baby on this show? Her mother says no. We’ll see. Adrian really wants them to get a house already so she can be alone with Ricky.

Ricky wants to get legally emancipated. In a year he’ll be kicked out of the system anyway so he might as well leave on his own terms. His foster parents assure him he won’t be kicked out of the house but he says he wants to do it anyway. He wants time alone because he’s never alone. And it will only get worse since Amy’s mom is going to have a baby.  “What are these people putting in their coffee? They are the most fertile, irresponsible…” (There seems to be a theme here of everyone wanting to be alone.)

Grace can’t wait for school to end. She reveals to Tom that she and Jack are a couple again, to which Tom replies “maybe you can kill mom too then.” Grace tells Tom Amy’s dad’s secret about not having a vasectomy. Grace realizes that Tom is wearing dad’s robe and she freaks out. She doesn’t want anyone else to have any of his stuff. But it seems the mom gave Jack dad’s sport coat so now they need to get it back before she realizes! Of course Tom tells the mom about the surgery.(Remind me why he thought telling a teenage girl about his vasectomy was a good idea in the first place? Particularly the daughter of his ex-wife.)

In school Adrian asks Grace how she’s doing. Grace just wants her dad’s stuff to stay where it is! All Grace can think about is sex and death, death and sex. Adrian is worried about Ricky wanting to have sex with someone else because she can’t get any alone time with him. Grace has turned into the school gossip, telling Adrian about the vasectomy. Grace only told Adrian and Tom but somehow it’s all over the school. Grace told Jack too it seems.(If Grace is such a good Christian why is she such a gossip?)

Alice wants Henry to go with Ben so he can get “schooled” because Bologna’s known for you know what…Amy tells Ben she doesn’t care if Ben wants to take her, she has to go. Of course, Ricky reveals that he’s getting his own apartment so Amy plays the jealousy card. “Do you really want to leave me all alone when Ricky is getting his own apartment?” Who else wants to push Amy off the plane?

Lunch time- Ricky refuses to let Amy take John to Italy. Adrian wants to see Ricky with the baby. Amy thinks her mom feels out of control and is therefore trying to control her. Amy wants her mom to date around more before settling down. She’s only dated two people. Ever. “It’s pathetic!” Jack sits with Grace who is experiencing paranoia. Everyone is looking at her! She gets upset and angry and hates herself and…more whining…Madison joins Grace, revealing that she lost her mother so she understands how she feels. Amy continues being passive aggressive to Ben. Betty shows up at school to give Ben his lunch. Amy wonders what is wrong with both their parents because Betty must be a hooker. Ben takes offense and so he reveals that her dad lied about the vasectomy.

Ricky wants to work more hours at the butcher.

Amy and Ashley talk about the rumor that their father didn’t get a vasectomy. Ashley convinces her it must be false and they worry about getting replaced by the new family.

Betty calls Tom to ask that he tell no one about their past because she doesn’t want to lose Ben’s dad, Leo. It seems she almost tells Ben about her sordid past but then comes to her senses and perpetuates her lie by saying she became court reporter of the month!

Wihle Ricky asks for more hours, Leo reveals to Ricky that the Butcher shop has an upstairs where Ricky can live if he fixes it up. The cost would only be something for the utilities. Once again you love Leo because he’s everybody’s dad. (Anne even cried on his shoulder once.) Ricky calls Adrian about it. He wants to show it to her once he cleans it up.

Adrian’s upset that her mother didn’t get a place yet because now Ricky won’t come to her.

David is talking to Anne about a green project. He says the owner doesn’t care what it looks like as long as it’s done. Shock! It’s his house. He wants him and Anne to move out from Amy and John. Umm, what kind of guy wants to leave a fifteen year old girl alone with a baby? It’s not even in the same city.

This was sort of one of those non-episodes, meant to move the plot but without anything actually happening. On the upside, Amy didn’t cry once!!! (She just whined in every scene she was in.)

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