The Jetsons

While skimming through I discovered episodes of the Jetsons. This was an unexpected surprise so I of course had to watch a few. (All I really remembered about the show is Judy winning a date with Jet Screamer, Elroy playing some new form of basketball, and these little gremlin like things that sabotage the plant because it is tearing up their home.)

I was more than pleased with what I saw on this show. The first episode is full of clever jokes that stand the test of time: Jane complains about hating to do housework, it’s so time consuming, you have to press a button for a robot to vacuum, press a second button for the laundry to get done…George complains about his exhausting day of work at his three hour shift where he had to press the on switch FIVE TIMES! They have to do push buttons exercises so their fingers can properly work the various buttons. A skilled homemaker is someone who can “punch out” a good meal.

The food system sort of reminds me of a star trek replicator: You just push a button for what you want and it appears on the table.

It’s funny to see the hundreds of ways they’ve invented for machines to do everything so that people have to do no more than life a finger. Even brushing your teeth is automated.

The cons are that the dialogue is somewhat stilted and the theme song could certainly use some work. The television is supposed to be 3D but it doesn’t look any different than the rest of the images. Oddly their bedroom isn’t the same from one episode to the next. Some gags are repeated in slightly different forms from episode to episode (like George being woken up by the bed). The characters have no depth, though I don’t really expect more from a cartoon.

It’s a little odd how similar Jane’s mother and Sam’s mother Endora from Bewitched are. They talk with a similar accent and tone, they try to talk their daughters into doing things the husbands don’t want, the daughters turn to them when they get an answer from their husband that they don’t like…

If you have twenty or so minutes of time to kill, I recommend trying the show now. Nostalgia is always fun.


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