Make It Or Break It Like Mother Like Daughter Like Supermodel

Show opens with Emily walking in with her mother, talking about the mother’s meeting. It’s Chloe’s chance to get to know the other mothers! Emily reminds her that everybody doesn’t need to know their business (which must mean she has just given Chloe license to tell all). We finally find out why Emily is so secretive: she likes to keep her life separate because that makes it easier to handle. Chloe says she used to keep her food separate even as a baby, a little pile of crackers, her greens, and her cheese puffs. (“What, they’re food too!”) Sasha notices Emily standing around and yells at her to get to work. Chloe notices Sasha’s hotness. (“That new coach, he’s a crumpet”–sketchy! I don’t think she’s his type though and I doubt they will date.)

Shift to Kaylie (in signature pink) and Lauren (in her non-virgin blue and green) helping each other stretch while they whisper about Lauren’s sex life. Kaylie wants to know if it hurts, but Lauren’s dealt with major gymnastic injuries so she can handle something like losing her virginity. (Carter freaks out because he sees them whispering together.) She says that being a virgin was holding her back and now she’s free! She can do things with more power and perfection than before. (It turns out sex doesn’t give you boobs and a butt, it makes you a superhero.) Kaylie says Carter’s never pressured her and Lauren says it’s because she’s the type of girl boy want to marry not sleep with. She isn’t sexy. Kaylie falls off the beam.

At the mother’s meeting they discuss the amount of money needed to send the girls to nationals–$10,000. Chloe is clearly out of sorts here but she pretends otherwise. Steve Tanner asks if Summer can fill in as Lauren’s mother, who is out of town at Darfur. When Steve leaves the room Summer says he’s awkward but not evil and you can see all the other mother’ laugh in a sort of “yeah, right” kind of way. The idea thrown out by Ronny Cruz is a fashion show. Kim is concerned because it sounds like a big production, though we learn there’s more to it later.

On to Payson in purple, who just completed a perfect routine on floor. Sasha tells her to freeze in her final pose (which looks like no final pose I have ever seen, just the end of a tumbling pass) and as she stands still with her arms raised he asks her if she understands what a full range of motion means–it includes your face! Smile dammit! (I love how she actually stands there with her hands up where anyone else would have dropped them to listen.) It looks like she attempts to smile here, but just can’t manage it. Sasha tells her the sport combines grace and beauty with power and perfection and to be great she needs both. Payson says it’s not her thing. “I’m about strength and power. If you’re looking for a girlie girl that’s Kaylie.” Woah, talking back to the coach and walking away from him? (For the Sasha-Payson people, this is certainly a moment where it feels like a conversation he should not be having with her, telling her she’s a pretty girl, etc.)

Carter wants to know what Kaylie and Lauren have been talking about and Kaylie reveals that Lauren lost her virginity to a jerk. (Carter’s surprised by this news, as Lauren told him otherwise. As Kaylie talks to him about sex he continuously stares at Lauren instead.) The mothers interrupt the practice then to ask everyone if they want to do a mother daughter fashion show to raise money for nationals. All the girls jump for joy except Payson who points out that there are only 5 weeks left until Nationals and they have to train. She looks to Sasha, expecting him to support her. Instead he says he thinks it’s an excellent idea. Payson looks shocked and upset, but after hearing the conversation he had with her, it isn’t so surprising that he said yes. (Whereas when watching the commercial you think, Sasha approves? Hell has frozen over.)

Kaylie is excited to glam up to make Carter see she’s sexy. She’s also upset because she thinks her mother wants to recapture the spotlight. Lauren realizes she has no mother to perform with and reluctantly asks Summer to step in. (Just as Summer was saying she should probably stay away. Talk about timing.) A note on this scene, Emily is talking with them during this conversation as an equal. Payson is of course grumbling about the waste of time. Emily once again gets in trouble for talking to her mother during practice. I thought the parents aren’t allowed on the floor anyway.

Payson asks Sasha if she can get out of the fashion show because she wants to focus and train. Sasha says that not only will she participate, she will consider it part of her training. She doesn’t understand and mopes off. (Payson whining? Something must be up.)

Carter gets to his car and gets a fright because Lauren is already inside. Creep. They’re all creeps! Carter explains that he thought Lauren had experience and didn’t realize she was a virgin. She basically tells him she likes him and he says he is with and loves Kaylie. Lauren offers herself for a “friends with benefits” relationship. What is wrong with Lauren!?!? Talking about loyalty to your friends. Summer sees her talking with him. Suspicion and cover blown?

Inside Kaylie is doing a beam routine. (Why are Lauren and Carter outside in the car during training?) She has a self-satisfied “I did good” look on her face when she dismounts. What is that dismount? She literally hops off the beam and poses. Sasha tells her she isn’t a little girl and needs to have power. Lauren flips by (how did she get there?) and he says, like Lauren. A comparison where Lauren comes out favorably? Wow, when has that ever happened?

Kim and Sasha talk about how Payson is so unhappy with the show. (I love that Kim says it will give Payson an ulcer because Payson uses the exact same phrase the week before.) Kim doesn’t understand why Payson is so nervous since she performs all the time in front of people. “As an athlete not as a girl” Sasha deftly points out. “Payson isn’t comfortable with her femininity. She equates it with weakness.” (Now this is the conversation that seems really inappropriate for a male coach to have about a female trainee.)  He then oh so subtly says that it is her fault Payson isn’t comfortable with her femininity.

Summer is thrilled at being invite to the fashion show. She tells Steve it’s time for the sex talk with his daughter, though he tries to dismiss it and then asks Summer to do it. Picture that scene. Actually, I would love to see it.

Emily and Damon work together at the Shack and he questions her about Leo, sounding jealous. Emily points out how she’s noticed Damon is a songwriter. He doesn’t want to date a Rock girl. She’s not a typical Rock girl. She teases him for being embarrassed to sing his own songs on stage. She says he’s nothing like Razor and he says Razor would never do this…kiss her! Why? Because her mother said she’s never been kissed. Emily is furious at her mom for saying that. Another reason why I dislike Damon. It was completely unnecessary to say that.

Ronny comes to Kaylie (in purple?!?!?!) after a shopping trip for the show. Kaylie tries to ask her mom about sex and marriage with her father, but her mother only answers in a quick, unhelpful way, dismissing it because Kaylie has gymnastics now. She’s too focused on a magazine to really think about it. Lauren comes in (she’s wearing orange again, yay!) angry that Summer made them say Grace at dinner. Kaylie has a secret for Lauren. Can anyone guess it? Anyone? She’s ready to have sex with Carter. Do you see my expression of surprise?

Everyone looks at clothes–Emily mad at her mom, Lauren looking for slutty things and isn’t getting along with Summer, Payson upset for wasting time. Ronny tries to subtly hint that Chloe should take fewer bangles Chloe misses it. Ronny found Payson and Kim gorgeous clothes. Kim seems a little uncomfortable with it and Ronny tells her to love her body.

Summer has a real heart to heart with Lauren, revealing her sordid past. Gasp! Super Christian was a slut in high school? Summer talks about a boy whose name she still remembers who destroyed her self esteem when she overheard him calling her the school slut (nicknamed “one dirty summer”). Not even Steve knows about this part of Summer’s life, but she wanted to tell Lauren what nobody told her. It took years to get herself back. Lauren cries in response and stays back a few minutes before rejoining everyone.

Perhaps more awkward than necessary

Perhaps more awkward than necessary

Payson and her mother are the last ones at the stage. Payson’s upset about ruining her training day. Kim tells her that her mother made her dislike girlie things. Why does Payson dislike it so much? She feels like the incredible hulk beside a bunch of Barbie dolls. Kim tells her she is strong and graceful and boys do notice her, she just doesn’t notice them because she’s so focused. Payson doesn’t understand what Sasha wants her to do and her mom gets her up on stage. This is such a cute mom-daughter moment where Kim is incredibly silly and she finally gets Payson into it. They dance and laugh and Payson pulls out the disco dance moves that tell you she has no idea how to dance. (This part makes me smile, possibly because I think I would have done exactly what she did.)

I thought this was a FASHION show. Also, Chloe looks possessed.

I thought this was a FASHION show. Also, Chloe looks demented.

Fashion show time! Ronny overhears Kaylie say her mother’s completely ignored her and when she steps on stage you can see her pull back a little so that Kaylie is in front but Ronny seems to forget herself in the crowd and stays longer. Kaylie’s so excited by the show and tells Lauren she’s going to have Carter sneak into her room. Kaylie does extra extended poses for Carter who practically jumps out of his seat. If you jump her now people might notice!

The Stolen Dress

The Stolen Dress

Lauren eyes Emily’s second outfit for the night. Lauren, stop being jealous! What did you just learn!?!? Summer refuses to go on stage with Lauren wearing a stolen dress so Lauren gladly goes out alone, overly provocative of course. (Who would ever believe Lauren and Emily could wear the same dress size?)

Kim and Payson come out looking AMAZING. Sasha looks a little too pleased with Payson’s new found hotness and confidence. He gives Kim a thumbs up. (Nice to finally have a storyline about Payson for once.) But Payson is wearing a pink dress. That’s Kaylie’s color!

Emily is so upset about Lauren that she plans to leave. And Emily says she’s not a part of them because they don’t accept her. (SERIOUSLY GIRL, WHAT DO YOU WANT? A PARTY IN YOUR HONOR? Lauren’s a jerk but she’s one girl out of tons.) Motivational speech number three–Chloe tells Emily she can’t separate the different parts of her life. She has to know who she is. She knows what other people think of her but she doesn’t care and that’s what Emily should do. How can Emily look hot in business casual? Her mom can take care of that. (For the record, Chloe is a “mighty Kmetko…”)

Their names are called and the stage remains empty until Emily finally comes on stage wearing just the suit and dramatic make up. It seems she stole the show, purple dress or business suit. (Purple is Payson’s color! It’s like the girls have suddenly gone colorblind or something!) Emily is all rockin it until she sees Damon who gives her pause, but she plays it off casually anyway. Emily’s dress made the most money, bought by none other than…Damon. He brought her flowers (well actually he just carries them around for the aroma therapy but if she wants them). How much money does Damon have? He may secretly be rich. He bought tickets, paid the most for her dress, bought expensive flowers…But he has faith in Em that she’ll be a famous gymnasts.

Sasha tells Kim that she and Payson had a nice turnout. AWKWARD. He says it is confidence not the dress that is so captivating.

Steve is angry at Lauren for taking Emily’s dress. Here’s where we learn that Lauren’s mother is not saving the world but is instead an addict. She checked herself out of the rehab where they had last seen each other. Not the most subtle reveal, let me tell you.

Lauren runs to Ronny to say Carter intends to sneak into Kaylie’s room. On the one hand you kind of feel like “you bitch!” at the same time you can’t help but wonder if Summer’s talk really made her think and she’s trying to protect Kaylie from having sex before she’s ready (she feels like crap and maybe she doesn’t want Kaylie to feel that way). After all, Kaylie probably wants to do it because Lauren said it’s great but Lauren hasn’t told her the sad truth.

Ronny does interrupt the couple before they can do anything. Luckily Kaylie hides Carter in the closet before she sees him. Motivational speech number four (there’s another blog that has a drinking game for this show and I think they should add motivational speeches as a reason to take a shot): Ronny tells Kaylie she has to be sure. If love is real, it will wait but certain opportunities, like gymnastics, won’t. This is Kaylie’s one shot and she can’t afford to lose her focus on a boy. Ronny doesn’t want to see her waste her talent. They hug. Kaylie is sort of crying here. (I must say kudos to the mom for stopping her daughter from having sex in a calm, surreptitious way. On most shows they burst in guns blazing.)

Back to Carter…buzz kill huh? They agree to wait until at least after Nationals. Kaylie worries that he doesn’t think she’s sexy. He assures her that she is his dream girl. (Or is he a little unsure of how he feels about Lauren?) They’ll be together forever, no matter what…which is like two weeks in TV time right?

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  1. Nancy Says:

    The only reason I felt sorry for Lauren because her mother is an addict.

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