10 Things I Hate About You I Want You To Want Me

Episode 2 opens with us staring at the butts of the cheerleading squad, of which only Bianca seems to know how to “pop” appropriately. When Joey comments on her excellent form, Chastity tells her to put on her Penguin uniform. “Deja Jealous Joanne?” Chastity talks about how they intend to massively transform their cheer program by buying THE BEST POM POMS EVER!!! Except, not everyone can afford the pom poms that erupt with school spirit. In an attempt to suck up, Bianca intends to fund raise (“but no bake sale because the last thing people need is more fat people”).

Kat sees a girl flirting with Patrick (“what else can you open”?) A skeevy boy is in the bathroom and is confused about how to get into the pants of Kat’s fully formed female body. When Kat looks at the smiling cheerful yearbook pictures she says they look like those herpes commercials where everyone smiles anyway. But then she spots Patrick in the background (roll the rock music) and stares at it.

Bianca asks for an idea of how to raise money and the dad suggests a car wash. Until Kat points out that car washes equal girls in bikinis. No car wash! The dad flirts with the mail lady but he shows his dead wife’s wedding ring, pretending to still be married, and she makes a hasty retreat. (And a super awkward one.) Finally, a little bit about the dad.

Cam teaches Bianca French, trying to ask her out on a date, but while she’s great with the repeating she’s not so great with the understanding. He does give her the idea of having a carnation sale as the fundraiser. Kat points out that the flower sale is a way to “sow fear and misery within the student population” after all nobody wants to be the loser who doesn’t get one. And what if Bianca doesn’t get one? She’ll just “go home sick, and never come back.”

Chastity, while taking her shift, sees that both Joey and Cameron bought Bianca flowers and so she hides the flowers and tells Bianca she can’t take a shift selling because only official members can (something about national security and defeating the terrorists). Cam freaks out that Bianca doesn’t acknowledge the flower that she never received.

Mandella is still in awe with Kat. It’s like her mouth knows “kung fu.” The peeper is still in the bathroom, pathetically hitting on Kat.

All the girls who don’t receive flowers are devastated (perfect photo opps for Kat). Kat discovers that she did in fact receive a flower, but she doesn’t know by who. Rumor has it Patrick Verona bought one, could it be from him? Or the creepy peeper. Peep it is.

Kat pretends to be talking about Bianca’s hard day and poor self esteem while clearly upset because she likes Patrick and he didn’t send her the flower.

The next day at school, Michael offers flowers to girls because he “got too many” (he bought $100 worth for himself). It doesn’t seem to be earning him any points. Cam finds out that Bianca never received her flower and Bianca is thrilled to find out that she did, in fact, get flowers and that Chastity must have thrown them out. She should call her out on it! Bianca repeatedly disses Cam accidentally.

Kat spots the creep sticking an apology note in her locker. He has a black eye. Who did it?

Bianca attempts to stand up for herself but instead rats on the co-captain, who said Chastity was too fat to be on top of the pyramid.

The dad is disappointed when a different mail person shows up at his door. Apparently after their awkward encounter she asked to switch routes.

Kat stops Patrick on her bike and tells him she doesn’t like the bad boy thing and he doesn’t have to beat people up for her. He says he didn’t and she’s shocked. And of course upset. She stares after him in disappointment as he drives away. Mandella says she can’t hang out cause she has detention for her paintings. But when Kat walks away Mandella pulls out a bag of ice to put on her bruised knuckles. Girl crush?

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