I’m in the process of catching up on this show from the very beginning, it starts Aug 7 so I may be able to see the last three seasons in time. (I was away the summer it started and somehow never got around to it.) So far, I’m seeing why my friend recommended it, it’s clever and funny with some interesting character dynamics. It isn’t good enough that I’m ripping through the show as I have some others, but it’s fun to watch.

Every episode (so far, I’m only on Season 1 Episode 8 ) features a sort of flashback between Shawn, the hyper observant falsely psychic, and his father. There isn’t always a connection between these flashbacks and the episode itself, which I think is a missed opportunity, but they are usually interesting nonetheless because the father of the past is a lot harder than the father of present day that we see. (Sometimes the connection is tenuous like Shawn’s dad telling him as a child not to pretend to be a super hero because real heroes are flesh and blood and then they investigate a case at a Comic Convention.) The father is always trying to teach Shawn to be aware of his surroundings, responsibility and other manly lessons. Shawn and his father have a tenuous relationship because of the strict, detached way his father behaved  towards him.

Shawn’s best friend since childhood is Gus, one of the more entertaining characters on the show for a few reasons. Gus fluctuates between smart and aware to silly comic relief, depending on the scene, but both aspects fit his persona well. At one moment Gus gets mad at Shawn and, refusing to talk to him, resorts to text messaging. The show is smart enough to include typos, all too common when people are pissed and typing quickly. Every so often Gus manages to one up Shawn in the awareness department. It’s always nice to see the main character isn’t infallible.

Shawn manages to get himself caught in hundreds of schemes that somehow just manage to work out, drawing Gus into the chaos with him. From creating a false agency where he acts as a psychic police consultant to creating false personas, Shawn has a knack for trouble and detective work. He combines the two to help solve cases.

Lassiter is the detective most skeptical of Shawn’s “psychic” powers (or is perhaps threatened by his good looks). He tends towards the “let me do it myself because I’m jealous of you for always solving my cases” attitude and turns down Shawn’s offers for help at every opportunity. Don’t like the guy, but he does always help you solve the cases, so stop alienating him! Be a man. There is a scene where Lassiter shoots at ceramic toys with an overly gleeful grin on his face which is priceless.

Shawn has a tendency to flirt with everyone so it’s a little hard to figure out what romantic relationship might be important or that we shold root for, which would be another added element in the show that would be nice. For example, him trying to get a girl’s attention while also questioning her in a kidnapping case. It’s hard to say if he thinks he’s being funny or if he’s being serious. My guess is he’ll wind up with the blond detective, Juliet, who can’t seem to decide whether or not she believes Shawn but is at least willing to call him for help. That’s of course only shortly after we see him flirting with a different woman earlier in the same episode. Occasionally Shawn’s arrogant behavior is annoying, but when he’s using it to solve a case (as opposed to flirting with various girls) it’s entertaining.


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