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There has been a lot of talk (read: anger) towards 10 Things I Hate About You being turned into a television show. I understand why everyone is so upset. 10 Things was a staple of our childhood, one of those classic movies that everything comes back to. The all star cast for starters made up of Joseph Gordon Levitt, Larissa Oleynick, Andrew Keegan, Gabrielle Union, Larry Miller… To say nothing of Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger, this is the movie that made America fall in love with them. And the show itself isn’t a a prequel or sequel style show, it’s for the most part just the movie in television form. So how could we be expected to like it?!?!

For starters, the show isn’t geared towards the 20-30 range viewers out there. It’s ABC Family, aiming for fourteen year olds who were too young to see or at the very least really remember the movie. So while to us it’s a total rip off, to them it’s something new. If anything, I would say I’m glad they waited to make the show, as opposed to make it immediately afterwards like Clueless did. Because the show can’t measure up to the movie and they shouldn’t really be compared.

If you look at the show as its own thing, it is actually a pretty good show. The characters are interesting and dynamic, even if somewhat cliche, the dialogue maintains Kat’s biting sarcasm and Bianca’s desperate teenage girl whine, the dad is still cringe worthy, and everything has been updated for the 20th century (using text messages and such as part of the antics). At the moment the show sticks closely to the movie, which is a good way to establish the characters, but I hope they move away from that at some point soon. It needs to develop its own identity.

The casting seems a little odd, as Pat is more angsty emo than dark and mysterious and Kat’s a brunette (ok, not actually such a big deal it just seems weird). But Chastity, played by Dana Davis in the tv show looks freakishly like Gabrielle Union and both Cam and Bianca look pretty similar to their movie counter parts. Mandella is a strange outcast who seems nothing like her Shakespeare loving movie-persona but she wasn’t important enough to really matter then.

If you’re looking for something on par with the movie, this is not the place to look. If you want something fun with some good lines and maybe brings back some nice memories this is the show for you.

What do you think about it?

Episode 1


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