So You Think You Can Dance Season 5

Congrats to SYTYCD for the five Emmy nominations (a couple for dances that I LOVED last year and still go back to watch every so often). Anyone who doesn’t watch this show is really missing out on something spectacular. Not just because the dances are tremendous, but also because you can see the show and dance as a whole growing from year to year, episode to episode. The way routines have gone from basic genre to all out performance has been really cool. The sets and story lines have gone all out, even making people cry once or twice. *We even had Mary Murphy stunned to silence once you know it was quite the accomplishment there.) The judges often talk about how the show has really expanded dance, given it more visibility, and you don’t even need to hear it to think it.

The choreographed dances, both the couples and the groups, have just gotten better and better. In past years we’ve gotten a hummingbird and flower, Bollywood craziness, etc. This year has gone above and beyond. We’ve seen dances about crash dummies, aliens, a hair pick! All with their own unique stories. Each week I’m amazed at some of the new things they come up with. Travis (contestant turned choreographer) created an AMAZING dance this week. (And anything done by Sonya is pure gold.)

It’s cool how they keep adding new dance styles, though I do wish they’d have fewer waltz style dances. They’re a little slow and more limiting. In my opinion anyway. I know Mary would disagree.

I know a lot of people complain about Mary’s screaming, but it does pick up the pace when there’s Nigel talking pretty calmly and it’s entertaining even if occasionally frustrating. I like having the rotating judges (though I don’t like when the guest judge is the one saying who can get to the finals).

You can’t help but fall in love with some of the dancers. Who didn’t cry when Phillip got kicked off last week? (Ok, I didn’t cry but I really liked him and I was surprised.) You couldn’t help but he shocked when Natalie (Katie’s friend) got kicked off without making it to the final 20. And you were kind of annoyed at how they pitted Evan against his brother for the last spot.

My only complaint about the show is that we only follow some people through the auditions stage so some characters (I mean, dancers) have a following by the time we hit the top 20 and others are unknowns. I know it’s hard to keep track of so many people and keep the suspense of the audience not knowing who will be accepted, but it seems only fair when America is doing the voting. (Well, I guess I have two complaints since I wish the judges did all the decisions. I know, it’s America’s favorite dancer, but meh.)

I don’t know what it is about Cat Deeley that makes her so loveable. Well, she’s British, but there’s something more that makes you entertained by her. I think it might be the way she knows she’s being forced to say something really corny and sort of says them with a good nature while acknowledging its terribleness. She always loves to get down with the dancers, which is nice.

The couples have just been reshuffled this week and it’s sort of awkward because the heights are so off. Evan and Kayla, Jeanette and Ade. The bottom two is only slightly surprising in that Evan was safe while Ade is in danger. I know we all love Evan but he hasn’t been up to par technically while Ade has only really gotten positive feedback. You kind of expected Kupono to have already been kicked off so whatever there. He’s weird. On the women’s end, Melissa is great but there just weren’t many options and Randi’s gotten more negative feedback than anyone else of the girls so no shock there. (Though she’s never been in the bottom so I don’t know. I guess Evan has a very strong following.)

As always, the solos are always pretty disappointing, but this is about finding a dancer, not a choreographer so you have to forgive them for that. Just remember dancers, start big and show us what you can do, don’t waste time in the beginning!

Randi is leaving us. She had some good moments but I am a little surprised she made it this far. Kupono leaves on the men’s side, not a surprise either. The only person I’ve ever been surprised to see go so far was Phillip. (Though I wish Karla hadn’t been kicked off when she was.)

Random curiosity, how many, if any, of the top 20 didn’t get tickets straight to Vegas when they auditioned?

This is the best season yet so I can’t wait to see what happens next season. How can they kick it up another notch? (Hopefully not the way America’s Next Top Model is by including aliens and dragons…)


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